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LYNX Recovery House

Providing support to adults in recovery.

The LYNX Recovery House provides a safe, supportive, sober, and abstinence-based transitional housing environment for individuals over 18. 


The program is open to people who have completed detox and are awaiting residential treatment, as well as those who have completed residential treatment and require appropriate housing.

A Sober Environment for Recovering Adults

Ages 18+

The program is open to participants 18 years or older with stable physical and mental health.

No Fees

The program is funded by Alberta Health Services. There are no costs for participants.

Meaningful Support

Participants are provided connection to services within the community to promote long term stability and success in their recovery.

What to Expect

The LYNX Recovery House focuses on relapse prevention for adults transitioning from detox to recovery. Participants are supported in remaining sober while awaiting treatment and finding suitable housing after they leave the program.


Services include individualized goal setting, crisis intervention, daily necessities and living support (including meals), mental health education, addiction education, and much more. 


Participants are expected to attend weekly house meetings and programming. Other expectations include, but are not limited to, participation in random drug screening, being a good neighbor, and attending support meetings.

How to Access the Program

Adults can access LYNX Recovery House on their own, or they may be referred by someone else. Stays typically range from three to six months.


To learn more, contact LYNX Recovery House:

ph: 403-504-9107

Alternatively, you may also contact  our Medicine Hat office at 403-527-1588 or email


LYNX is located in a wheelchair-accessible facility.

McMan's core values of commitment, trust, respect, empathy, and genuineness are ingrained in each portion of service delivery.

Want to learn more about LYNX Recovery House?

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